PLAY                                           DIRECTOR                          COMPANY    YEAR

A Blow in The Face                   Monica Dottor                   Nightwood Theatre      2019

THE OTHER Monica Dottor Soulpepper Theatre Company 2019

TWEET TWEET Monica Dottor Soulpepper Theatre Company 2019

*Bears  (DORA NOM – Direction) Monica Dottor/Matt MacKenzie Punctuate/Alberta Aboriginal Arts 2018/19

Elemental Monica Dottor Harbourfront Centre 2019

TWEET TWEET Monica Dottor Wee Festival/Theatre Direct 2018

The 94 Club Monica Dottor Crave Productions 2018

BIG LOVE (Charles Mee) Monica Dottor U of Windsor Theatre 2018

The History of Drinking in Cavan Monica Dottor               4th Line Theatre 2017

The Other Monica Dottor The Theatre Centre/Why Not Theatre 2016

Malaria Lullaby Monica Dottor/Steve McCarthy Summerworks 2011

The Summer of February Monica Dottor Canadian Stage – Festival of Ideas+Creation 2009

Its My Party Monica Dottor George Brown Dance program 2010

Ruby Venus Monica Dottor Nuit Blanche / Company Blonde 2015   

Hello My Name Is Monica Dottor George Brown Dance program 2010

Changes Monica Dottor George Brown Dance program 2011

Molly Monica Dottor Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival 2012

Heart Attack Monica Dottor George Brown Dance program 2011

The Uncanny X Girls Monica Dottor George Brown Dance program 2010

Dusk Dances Tour Monica Dottor Company Blonde Dance Projects 2010

Gala Evening of Dance Monica Dottor Company Blonde 2011

Binder Twine Monica Dottor Dusk Dances/Company Blonde 2011

Wintercity Monica Dottor Company Blonde 2009

She Led the Others Monica Dottor Canada Dance Festival 2004


Bringing A Complaint To Equity

Here is the process for bringing forth a complaint about another member/harassment in the workplace. It is outlined here as well.
1. Send the complaint to Arden (, if you could provide the contract, including the engager, the name of the show if you remember (but Arden can look it up), general timeframe (like September 2007), details about the incidents etc.
2. The complaint will be reviewed by council with details anonymized. Council decides if this is a complaint worth investigating or if it should be dismissed.
3. If worth investigating, either a mediator is appointed or a hearing committee is created.
4. If a hearing committee is created, a third party expert does an investigation and brings the findings to a hearing committee.
5. The hearing committee reviews the complaint and findings in detail and then makes recommendations based on what is in their power to do. Refer to the bylaws on page 11 (#60 – #65).
The bylaws (below) outline the process in a very thorough way, including timelines for reporting etc.